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Showing posts from March 25, 2009

I Do

How are you doing on the laundry at your house? Well, I am fighting a never-ending battle here! :) We are either very clean people or some nasty folks, I'm not sure! I never catch up even though I am constantly washing and drying clothes. But I try to use it as a time of focusing on my sweet family in prayer. Do you ever do that? Here is what I mean.

When I wash the children's clothes I might pray: thanking God for sending me children to raise for Him, asking for wisdom and strength to do the job right, praying for their futures that they will love the Lord and serve Him, praying for their future spouses and children...just whatever comes to mind. It also is a good time to pray for anything that might be going on right then such as training issues with the little ones or problems I may know about in my oldest son's life.

Today I washed the FisherMan's clothes. I use the time to pray for him as well but today I had to smile as I cleaned out his pockets. It told so much ab…