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Caring for your Puppy

From the perspective of 4 and 6 year old sisters.

1. Say hello to your puppies first thing in the morning. Make sure you wake your parents to take you outside to visit your puppies while there is still frost on the ground. Note: You may have to be very persistent and loud in order to wake them up. Don't let their grouchiness deter you!

2. If the puppies are still asleep be sure to shout hello to them as you burst out the back door. That way they will immediately wake up, cry and scatter in opposite directions as they beg loudly to be fed all before your parents have had their morning glass of tea and cup of cappuccino.

3. If your parents remain unconvinced that it is indeed time to feed and play with your puppies you may have to resort to irritating singing at the top of your lungs just to be sure they don't get too relaxed thereby becoming tempted to linger over that tea and cappuccino. Do what you have to do!

4. Once you have convinced your parents it is feeding time you may wan…