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Showing posts from May 29, 2009

Just Can't Stay Away

From the doctor's office, that is! We made our weekly visit today LOL! Not really but it does feel that way sometimes. FlowerChild went the first of the month with her ears. LadyBug and Cornbread went last week, him for a checkup, her for bronchitis.

Last night FlowerChild was up for hours crying with her ears hurting. Another double ear infection! It was a pretty severe infection from the way our doctor acted when he examined her. He is such a sweetie. I don't know if he would like being decribed in such terms....he has all boys and loves to hunt, etc. But he truly is so kindhearted and my children think the world of him. (even if Cornbread did crawl under the chair and hide, just still as could be - it was so cute!) The doctor checked Cornbread's ears since he has been sick with the same cold. He had an infection in one ear. Arghh...I hate for my babies to be sick! Babies meaning any of my children!

So everyone has had their antibiotic now. It's late and they are wind…