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Showing posts from January 11, 2009

Finding Consistency

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon around here. It is cold outside and especially up on the hill at the church. It was chilly this morning when we got there. It was approaching miserable when we left! The weatherman says it is going to get colder...wonder if we could see a little snow out of it? If anything, probably ice - no fun there!

Sunday afternoons mean rest at our house. The FisherMan always takes a nap. The children have quiet time where they rest or read, watch a video, play with dolls. You get the gist of it. Today during this quiet time I have been thinking on how to get my routine more organized this week. I have been working on this a little at a time. Remember I said organization would prevail in this household? Well, I think it may have arrived. It just hasn't brought all the luggage in yet!

Before I got pregnant with my little one last year, I had a good routine going. All rooms were tackled everyday (pretty much). The only thing that needed some work were things like clo…