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Showing posts from January 8, 2009

I'm Not That Person Anymore

So, I was listening to the radio and an older country song came on...the one about it was 1980-something. Remember that? I couldn't help but laugh at some of the references in it. But it got me to reminiscing about the past.

Do you ever get a bit down at just how HUMAN you are? I mean, all your failures, your weaknesses, your mistakes, do they ever just scream at you? Well, the thing is we have to remember that God created us just as we are. He created you with just the personality you have. He knew what all those weaknesses would be and just what mistakes and failures it would lead to. But He also made sure you had strengths as well. Strengths that lead to victory! He somehow can take all the good in you and the bad and mold it in such a way that suddenly your very frailty is what glorifies Him!

I was teaching a group of children Sunday and the story was about Joseph and all he went through. I emphasized to them that we can not base God's love for us on our circumstances. If we…