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Showing posts from June 9, 2009

A Prayer Request

I had not mentioned it here but my son, "The GuitarMan" is gone this week on a mission trip to Tennessee. He will return home Saturday. I got to talk to him tonight. When he left he did not know what team he would be on. So I got the details tonight. He is on a painting and construction team. The phone connection wasn't the best but I do know he has been painting the inside of a church and there was something about moving branches and hauling logs. It's a good thing he is in excellent shape! He could only talk for a few minutes as he was headed to chapel meeting. He is staying on the go from around 5-5:30 AM til 11-11:30 at night. So there's no telling when I will hear from him again!
Anyway I would love it if you would please pray for him......for his physical stamina to remain strong, for his protection, for God to work in his heart and grow him spiritually, and that he would be a blessing and a witness to all he encounters. I appreciate it! :)

My Mysterious Man

My husband and I are coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary the 29th of this month. (Incidentally our oldest son shares the day with his 19th birthday.) It takes a lot to keep a marriage running happily. Some people say it is a lot of work. I suppose for some it is so I must be abundantly blessed because I always seem to find my rest there. There is no magic key for happiness but I have found that two things make up a part of finding it. Laughter and spontaneity. Yesterday I experienced both thanks to my crazy husband.

We bought the girls a bug viewer cage and 2 butterfly nets. Yesterday afternoon we got outside with them and they wanted Daddy to help them catch a butterfly. Well, my husband is nothing if not competitive so off they went around the yard with Mama ready with the camera. I wasn't disappointed. I am now the proud owner of a picture of him scaling the rows of peas in the garden after a little blue butterfly. At that point I thought this is too good so I switched to…