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Are We The Land of the Free?

Hope everyone is planning a nice Fourth of July! We will be having another cottage prayer meeting tonight and this time it is at our house. I read something this week that really made me think and I would like to share those thoughts with you.

Usually on the Fourth we focus on our freedom and invariably you hear prayers of thankfulness for our freedom to worship here in the United States. As Christians we have at times almost been guilty of smugness, assuming that we would always have that privilege. Persecution was reserved for those 'other' places far removed from our daily life. We might say a prayer or drop money in a missions offering but when you got right down to it, we were untouchable. After all, wasn't our country founded on Christian principles? We have the Constitution on our side!

Then the lawsuits began. Atheists were concerned that their children were being forced to suffer through a prayer at school. So we had to remove that. But that is just separation of ch…