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Showing posts from December 20, 2008

Changed Plans

I had great plans for today. I had visions of getting up early to get going for the aforementioned trip. That way we would be home by lunch. After lunch I thought I would give haircuts to the menfolk and my mother. Then the children and I would bake cookies. I would have time to clean the house, vacuum, scrub the bathroom, get the laundry done and put away, and have a nice supper. (Alright, I understand there was no way I could have gotten all that done in an afternoon but I like to dream big!)

Well, we did get going fairly early but my bubble burst after that. Town was a madhouse and everything took forever. And folks were so grumpy! Say "Merry Christmas" and they looked at you like you had sprouted two heads! We finally got home around 3:30. Haircuts...out the window. I was tired and Smiley needed to nurse. Cookies? Yes, and they were yummy! Cleaned the house? Ummm...well, for the things I did manage to put away it looks as if other stuff just replaced it. Vacuum? No. Scrub…