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Showing posts from February 4, 2010

Power Bills

We lucked out last month on our power bill. We received a credit on our bill which helped tremendously. A lot of folks were shocked at how high their bills were, however. I can't blame them! Some of the figures I heard were outrageous! $500-600, one even $1200!
One thing that got me was that many of these people work outside the home and their children are in school or daycare so the house stands empty all day. Not only that, but their families are much smaller so things like the washer, dryer, or stove would not be used as frequently. Shouldn't their bill be lower than ours?
I think it has everyone trying to come up with ways to save on power. There are some things that are a given. Good insulation and windows go a long way towards helping lower a bill. When we first moved into our home the windows were very old. Some were cracked or even broken. The church eventually replaced them which was a huge blessing! But what were we to do in the meantime? Well, one way is to buy th…