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Protect Your Children!

I was in Wal-mart when I saw a little girl of about 3 go by. She was dressed in pink with blond hair and she was carrying a butterfly net. She was calling for someone repeatedly. I didn't see anyone with her so my shopping came to an abrupt halt and I took off after her. Up and down the grocery aisle she was wandering, calling out...was it Mommy? I couldn't be sure but it was obvious she was alone and vulnerable so I quickened my pace to try to catch up with her. My cell phone began to ring but I ignored it in my quest to catch up. Other shoppers glanced at her as she went by but no one made a move towards her. Most of them looked questioningly at me, obviously trying to figure out if she was mine.

Finally I managed to catch up with her. I asked if she had lost someone. She didn't answer but started to walk away. I quickly grabbed her hand and said,"Let's go find Mommy." Her little fingers relaxed in mine and we strolled towards the front of the store.
As we w…