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Showing posts from March 26, 2009

Catching Up With Each Other

So, life has been a bit chaotic lately but what's new? :o) I thought I would share a little from different areas of our life. Wanna chat with me for a while and play catch up? In no particular order, here goes:

In the Kitchen:
With soccer going on in a different town we have been on the go way too much. Tonight was supposed to be the last game but it was canceled. Naturally we found out when we got to the field and no one else was there! I am looking forward to being home and having more home cooked meals. I am thinking about those summer comfort foods....fresh peas with cornbread, fried okra, sliced tomatoes, macaroni and cheese, maybe make some homemade ice cream. Mmmmm!

Which leads me to the garden:
The FisherMan loves to garden and has over one hundred seedlings started. He won't be able to put that many out but what a great start! If everything produces we will have squash, tomatoes, okra, hot peppers, bell peppers and peas. It isn't a huge garden spot, but it's enoug…