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Recipe for Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger Pie

2 Cans refridgerated croissant dough
1-2 pounds cooked ground beef or ground turkey
shredded cheese
BBQ sauce

Use any flavor of cheese and BBQ sauce that your family prefers. Mix BBQ sauce in with meat. (Add amount to your taste) Roll out one can of dough as your bottom crust in a casserole dish. Make layers starting with the meat mixture and alternating with cheese. Top with the other can of dough as your top crust. Bake according to croissant directions. May also add vegetables if you like. Enjoy!

Dreamin of...

Ah, warmer days! Oh, well we are in the South. We'll probably be back in the seventies by next week! For now, we'll stay in our sweats and have another cup of cocoa! And dream of a warm beach!