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Showing posts from November 21, 2009

A Contented Time of Year

Can you believe Thanksgiving is here? My favorite time of year! The GuitarMan is home for the week and I have happy children....they love their big brother!
I'm still in the process of clearing out, decluttering, rearranging and organizing. It may seem to others that it sure is taking a while. But with young children, homeschooling, doctor appts, and all the little things that come up in life, it pays to take it slow and do it the right way. Otherwise things will just wind up unorganized again. I am seeing progress little by little. Once I get all the rooms arranged to my liking I will begin tackling closets. Eventually the inside will be finished....then we will tackle the shed outside. It's not a coincidence that it should be good and cold by the time we get to it. Snakes move slower in the least that's what I'm told. I really hope to not even have to find out LOL.
I have a ton of laundry to attend to today. I'll get to it...amongst the [surprise]birthda…