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Showing posts from August 26, 2009

Tired But Strong

So, dear readers, I hope you are doing well. When I think of it, many of us are facing a trial of some sort. For some it is a health crisis. For others it is family problems. Some are without a job or barely hanging onto one. Or it may be such a barrage of worries that there are too many to even name, they are just all tangled together. As I name these things they are just off the top of my head, thinking of various friends and what they are going through right now.
Regardless of what you are going through, isn't it wonderful to know that Jesus cares enough about you to take those problems on? Why is it that we can acknowledge He does yet it is so hard to then follow through and let go of the worries and concerns?
It is especially hard when you feel so worn down and tired. It seems that the enemy knows this and chooses those times to attack. That is why it is important to be prepared through constant Bible study and prayer. If you wait until the storm comes and you are thrown in …