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Showing posts from August 22, 2009

More Sickness Around Here :(

Just wanted to let folks know where I was. This time it is Mama who is sick. Not sure what is going on other than I am miserable! It began with a backache yesterday which gradually spread to muscle aches all over. Then I started running fever last night. Today it has stayed 100-101 degrees all day despite taking tylenol every 4 hours. The muscle aches are still here and now the chills have also begun.
It's hard to believe that I would have Roseola. But that is the only thing I know for sure I have been exposed to. Most people have it as an infant/toddler and if not, they develop antibodies by 4 years of age. Adult roseola is quite rare. As many years as I have spent working in early childhood, children's ministry, not to mention having 4 children of my own, I would think I would be immune. Oh, well, I guess time will tell. But if this what it feels like to a little one, poor baby!
In the meantime, hubby grabbed burgers for lunch and grilled chicken for supper. I thought we wou…