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Showing posts from August 5, 2009

One Step Closer

In our state we have to register under a church school, in order to homeschool. This gives you a "covering" or an "umbrella" to homeschool under. They keep your school records and produce your transcript should the time come to transfer or start college. I've been looking for one for a while now. There are plenty of them out there but I was running into overpriced tuition or unreturned phone calls. Here it is August and I didn't have one yet. I was getting a little panicky! But I kept praying over it and asking God to lead me to the right one.
Then The GuitarMan went over to a neighboring town to help out a friend with a Kid's Rally. He thought FlowerChild might enjoy it, too so we brought her over at the appointed time. He knows many of the people there so when we walked in he immediately scooped up Cornbread to take him around and show everybody "Little Me" as he called him. Cornbread really is a miniature of him!
As we stood there chatting w…

What's For Supper, Mama?

This week's plans have been undergoing some rearranging already. I'll show you what I mean. Here is what I originally planned.
MONDAY grilled cheeseburgers home fries baked beans
TUESDAY mexican casserole
WEDNESDAY fresh peas fried eggplant fried okra new potatoes cornbread
THURSDAY BBQ chicken leftover baked beans mashed potatoes
FRIDAY fried catfish potatoes and onions squash casserole hushpuppies
SATURDAY Going to a Bible Study so I'm taking fingerfoods
SUNDAY Grilled sausage dogs baked potato any leftovers
Well, the casserole was for The GuitarMan but he went to a friend's. So I told him no worries we would just flip flop Tues and Thurs. Then we had the whole fiasco trying to get waited on and got home late so it changed again to soup! So we will try again for chicken tonight. We have a meeting at 3 in another town though so who knows! It all sounds good though so I don't mind how it works out. I'll probably just wing it and go with whatever I am in the mood to cook for the rest of the…