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Showing posts from June 25, 2009

Revealed: Christianity or Hypocrisy?

What is one of the main complaints you hear from unbelievers about Christians? I don't know about you, but the one I hear all the time is, "They're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites." It can be a struggle sometimes in life to make sure you protect your witness and keep your testimony shining. The enemy loves to tear you down so he can accuse you. It can be the smallest of details but if someone is observing closely enough they will find something to throw at you. Sadly it isn't always the small stuff with some Christians. Everyone is struggling with something in life. Christians just happen to be saved from the sin of it. Salvation doesn't just wipe the struggle away, at least not all the time anyway.

But when you come down to it, as a Christian, you can expect some level of persecution or misunderstanding from people who don't know Jesus. After all, how are they to understand if they haven't experienced it for themselves? So I don't worry over tha…

I'm Still Here :)

It has been so busy this week! I have been working on a post for several days and just can't seem to finish it. Maybe I will post it, maybe not. It's ironic because the topic is how Christians turn on each other in real life and in the blogs. I had already written a good bit and then lo and behold a friend has this very thing happen to her. She was hurt and confused by it and here I was already with it on the brain. So I don't know if it was something really meant to post or if it was maybe something meant to prepare me to encourage my friend. We'll see.....