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Showing posts from May 12, 2009

Tired in a Good Way

It's a pleasant night. The girls are still awake but they are playing quietly in their room. A Braves game is on which makes for relaxing "background music." Cornbread is going to sleep in my lap as I type.

I'm just tired enough to feel contented but not exhausted. Do you know what I mean? I am tired but satisfied with a good, hard day of work. There was a lot to be done around here and much was completed. But it wasn't one of those frantic, go, go , go days either.

As I washed up breakfast dishes I noticed two little birds hard at work outside my window. So we watched them build their nest all morning. They are are on a shelf on my carport! At our last house we had bird nests every year on our porch and we all enjoyed watching the little babies.

Homeschool started out as always with Bible. The girls have had a lot of questions this week! I love the fact that we can linger on those questions as long as necessary. Even if they were in a Christian school they would be…