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Showing posts from August 11, 2011

Plate Filling

I'm sitting here relaxing for a few more minutes before heading back to the schoolroom. Are my kids the only ones who have a morning snack first and like to eat their breakfast mid morning? I guess they get it honest. I like my Hills Brothers Cappuccino first thing and then I eat midmorning. It works for us. Then we will eat our lunch around 1-1:30. Funny how the time difference when we moved reset our internal body clocks. We are finally getting to where we don't think of Central time as being "what time it REALLY is" ha ha

It's been a busy summer. Although it is surely hot there is something in the morning breeze that hints at fall. I can't wait to see the colors change. We are closer to the mountains and I hope some scenic trips might be in our autumn plans! I can't complain about the scenery right in our own town though. Even a trip to Wal-mart is rewarded with the mountains jutting up in the distance. And a 5 minute drive from my home gives a breatht…