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Showing posts from January 29, 2009

A Little at a Time

When there's a lot to be done and children around that is the approach to take. A little at a time. Remember yesterday's to-do list? Well, I picked it up again today and added to it!

We homeschooled today which was a challenge to say the least! The FlowerChild was short on attention but big on attitude! We finally had a life discussion and surprisingly it helped. At least long enough to finish her schoolwork! :)

I finished some more laundry today but didn't get to the sheets. But the children's clothing and the towels are done. With this household laundry is a never ending chore!

I also managed to get the house picked up, dusted, and vaccuumed. I still need to tackle our room and do this, too. But, hey that door will close if need be!

I went over to the church this afternoon and worked in my Mission Friends room. FlowerChild got into working in there much more than schoolwork. She was quite a help and I could really tell she is growing up. We still have to finish up in tha…