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Showing posts from January 6, 2009

Getting Back in the Groove

So today we started back to school. Homeschool that is. The FlowerChild was so excited she could not eat breakfast. After her attempt at breakfast she rushed to get her books so we could get started. It is so great to have her enjoy learning!

I could tell she had been off for a couple of weeks as we had to review some. But she got back in the groove pretty quickly. Hopefully tomorrow will go even more smoothly. I actually like the idea of homeschooling year round because it does keep her on a schedule. And she seems to respond well to staying on that schedule. It seems like the grouchies and misbehavior creep in more when she is off schedule. She is one of those children that has to stay very busy and occupied both physically and mentally. Which means she keeps the whole family very busy and occupied both physically and mentally, ha! The FlowerChild soaks up LIFE!