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Showing posts from September 21, 2009

Surgery Day is Over!

Well, the surgery was completed and The GuitarMan did well. The doctor was able to pin it rather than anything more invasive as he had expected. The GuitarMan handled the anesthesia great (other than some temporary loony behavior when he was given the initial shot LOL). He had no problems with breathing, waking up or nausea. He did experience some extreme irritability for the first 1-2 hours but the nurse said that is normal for guys his age. She said girls that age tend to cry. He has had some throbbing pain at times but the pain medicine is working very well. In fact, he is more comfortable now that the bone has been fixed properly. Now we will just see if he can sleep tonight. All that medicine and sleep today has him wide awake tonight!
Thank you so much for your prayers!!