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Showing posts from August 25, 2009

Update On GuitarMan

He has seen the orthopedic surgeon this morning. The surgeon is calling it a miracle. He said he has never seen an injury associated with an accident like this where something wasn't missing or several major surgeries weren't required to piece everything back together. It is broken, not fractured, in 6 places. His fingers and all the bones in the palm of his hand are broken. However it is all straight and intact. No surgery will be required. He will play guitar again. It's just going to mean some time away from his beloved guitar. Please pray that he regains mobility quickly! The GuitarMan is still a freshman in college. Last week he was moved up from the Freshman to the Senior Guitar Ensemble because he is already playing to their level. I am so thankful we will see what he is able to do when he is a senior!! Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers!

Praising God, Asking for Your Prayers

It is 3:15 AM here and we just got home. Tonight we got the phone call every parent fears. When I saw The GuitarMan's number pop up I figured he was calling to see if I had ordered the new Skillet CD he wanted. But instead of his voice on the other end it was his roommate's. Brakes locked up. Telephone pole. Hospital.
We are praising God that he knew what to do and avoided flipping. His brakes locked up and he slid into a telephone pole. He was able to get it slowed enough so it was not a hard hit. We are praising God because none of the other passengers were hurt. Unfortunately the GuitarMan was injured. His left hand wound up pinned between the pole and his vehicle. This is not what you want to have happen to a guitarist, obviously. But at this point they are saying it is fractured in 4 or 5 places. If he had been going any faster we could have been talking devastating injuries! God is good!
I am asking you to please pray over this situation. For tonight he is in a tight spl…