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Showing posts from July 29, 2009

I Asked Questions.....

.....just not the right ones!
So have any of you other moms ever finished cleaning your child's plate when they are done? You know, that whole "hate to see it go to waste" thing? Well! From one mother to another: Ask the right questions next time LOL!
Today I made little mini pizzas for lunch. (Really yummy....use English muffins, jarred pizza sauce, and your choice of toppings) So the girls ate in the living room with the guys and I stayed in the kitchen to feed Cornbread. I hated to eat any because I wanted to be sure all the kids got enough and that there would be enough for The FisherMan when he came in for lunch. When LadyBug finished she brought me her plate and I asked her if she was finished. She thought for a minute and said she was.
Well, there was this perfect little bitesize piece of pizza left with a crispy little slice of pepperoni and 2 black olives on her plate. I said, "Are you sure you don't want your black olives?" (they love those) She hes…

Update and Catch-up

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Lucas and his family. He is going to be released from the hospital. The MRI was clear but there is a lot of severe bruising. He is still in much pain so I would ask that you continue to pray for him. As I said before, God can use everything to His glory so I would love it if you would also pray that He would use this accident in just such a way for this family.
As for our family, well yesterday was one of those slow and easy days that seemed to just drift along. Yet somehow it also turned out to be a very productive day! The FisherMan was working, of course. The boys slept in, catching up on their rest after the weekend. The children and I played outside in the morning. That afternoon the rain rolled in so we snuggled in the rocker and read books. I thought they might slip into a catnap but it didn't happen. I did, however, manage to make myself sleepy! I would doze off mid-sentence, only to have them nudge me, saying, "What happens next?"…