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Showing posts from January 31, 2009

What's Behind the Names?

Well, anyone reading my profile can see I don't use our real names on here favoring nicknames instead. But the nicknames tell a little something about each of us as any of you who know us IRL could testify to!

For me, Everybody's Mama fits because as I said in a previous post I have a tendency to mother everyone around whether it is in hugs, listening, counseling or cooking! I love to have a house full at any given time. Sure it can get rowdy and that can be nervewracking to say the least...but for me family extends beyond just biological ties. I tend to be a quiet person so I guess that is how the noise comes out, I just surround myself with it!

The FisherMan...well, for all my quiet personality he is the other side of the coin! I call him that because yes, he does love to fish but also as a play on words since he is a pastor, a fisher of men. I once described him like this. When he isn't around everything is shades of gray, black and white. But when he is here it all light…