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Showing posts from January 27, 2009

An Unexpected Day

We had a great day today. We woke up this morning knowing we had to go get our taxes done. No fun! But it turned out that afterwards we were able to spend the evening with some old friends of ours that we don't get to see very often. Our children romped and played in the backyard, screaming and laughing. We ordered pizza and sat around the table talking about everything under the sun from weight to politics. Their daughter came over and spent the evening, too. That made it extra nice. Back years ago I tutored her precious daughter in the afternoons so we saw each other on a daily basis. But now that we live so far apart we never get to visit! But one thing hasn't changed. My babies LOVE her! So it was not what we expected when we got up this morning. It was much better. :o)

On the home front, I went out and checked on Rosie early this morning. Guess what. More puppies. The official count is 11. But one died this morning so we are at 10 now. The girls can't wait to hold them…