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Showing posts from January 21, 2009

The Breakfast Table

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to prepare a family breakfast each day. I have wanted to start doing this for a while for several reasons. It is such a nice way to start the day together. It also helps us to establish more of a concrete routine. It is an easy way to flow into family devotions and homeschool time. The children are more cooperative and settled when their tummies are full. A light breakfast means constant requests for snacks and a bad case of the grumps.

Well, my children were not really on board with it yesterday. They did not eat very well and they kept looking at each other with this hesitant expression (what's up with Mama? why are we all at the table?) LOL I am great about lunch and supper but a family breakfast just isn't something we normally do on a regular basis. I have my cappuccino, the children have their breakfast and The FisherMan takes a snack or egg sandwich or something with him to work.

Well, not to be deterred I tried again today. It we…