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Bible Teaching or Something Else?

Another beautiful day! It was a blessed time with the Lord today. We had several of the GuitarMan's friends come to church and it was so good to have them worship with us. I taught on seeking God's will this morning in SS and as it is any time I teach, I also learned.

Children's Church is the same way. I am teaching from the Old Testament right now. I review what we have learned thus far and add a little to it each week so that we are in constant review but also adding to our knowledge. I really enjoy the chance to teach from the Bible and view it as a privilege. I also take it very seriously. I want to be sure I teach solid Biblical truth.

Some people think you would have to be a Bible expert to be able to teach. Certainly you should have some Bible knowledge and be a solid Christian. But more importantly, I think you have to be teachable yourself so that you are willing to dig into the Word and then share what God reveals.

I once knew a lady who shared with my husband th…