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Showing posts from July 1, 2009

Family Chit-Chat

It's 'church night' so everyone is up late attempting to wind down. We stayed a little late tonight talking VBS. I am so thankful we have such gifted ladies at our church! With everyone pitching in it should be a success. Everyone has their own special talent with some being blessed with talent(S).

Cornbread is in my lap going to sleep (with his foot propped up here on the keyboard LOL) and the girls are in the other room watching a video and eating a bowl of cereal before bed. We had a late lunch today so no one really wanted any supper at the normal time. The FisherMan's sister called and asked if we'd like to meet for lunch. So we headed off to the little big town to meet and eat. It was a fun time as always with her. The children enjoyed going through their goodie box when we got home.

We celebrated The GuitarMan's birthday last night with a special supper. We fixed a few of his favorites....grilled ribs, courtesy of Daddy, Mama's baked beans, along with …