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Showing posts from December 2, 2009

So What Have You Learned Today?

My little guy has been very busy today.
He has discovered how to open several doors.
And shut them.
He has learned to pull the chairs out from the kitchen table.
And how to climb up in them to sit down.
And how to use them to climb onto the kitchen table.
He has learned to climb to the top of the playpen where he hovers precariously, unable to get up or down.
He has learned to climb on top of the toilet. I think he has his eye on the top of the cabinet that sits above the commode.
He has learned that the pretty balls on the tree shatter into tiny pieces when you throw them. Well, it's happened 3 times with 5 casualties so let's hope he has learned!
He has learned how to climb up in the desk chair and attempts to type or use the mouse on the computer.
He has also figured out that he can psyche us out by grabbing the ornaments on the tree, then as we are putting them back on the tree he makes a beeline for the computer.
He sat down this morning and shared LadyBug's readin…