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Showing posts from October 13, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

Summer has slipped away and here we are right in the middle of fall, my favorite time of year! Over the summer we had birthday parties, gardening, the GuitarMan had a big concert with his band, and there were countless evenings spent outside while the children chased fireflies. Well, here, let me just show you!

What is summer without grilling out?
Our gas grill is great if there is a crowd or
we're in a hurry but the taste can't be beat on this old grill!         

The sunsets looking out from our back porch were breathtaking! That's the roof of our church you see.
FlowerChild and The GuitarMan had birthdays in June. She wanted a Flying Backwards birthday party. What is this, you ask? That is the name of GuitarMan's band. Their symbol is the hummingbird. We bought a plain ice cream cake and her big brother drew their symbol on it.

The things a brother will do for his baby sister!!

Lots of time was spent outside in the backyard.

Big brother worked on helping his little b…