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Where, oh where, did my routines go?

Oh, my, what a day! My husband is sick for the second day in a row with a stomach virus. This is the same man who, when he worked construction on the oil refineries, fell face first 30-some-odd feet into pipes, and got up and walked (bleeding everywhere, mind you). Just last year, he and my son were doing some work and the knife slipped and went almost through his hand. Not a scream, not a tear. But, let him get sick? He turns to putty. I'm sure all you wives know exactly what I mean! I swear we've been sick more in the last 2months, since we moved, than we've been in the last 2 years! I'm sure this virus will make its rounds through the family, oh joy. In all the fun of the move and the subsequent illness after illness, our daily schedule has suffered. Suffered mightily. Routines are out the window. It leaves this woman an unhappy camper. I'm not a clean freak by any means. But I like for things to be orderly. I like to do my dishes before bed and wake up to unloa…