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Are You Dense?

Guys, if you are too delicate to read this post, please have your wife, gf, sister, daughter to read it. While I do joke around in this post the info provided may at the least, help her with questions and at the most, save her life!

I finally went to the doctor for a physical a couple of weeks ago and she scheduled me for a mammogram.

This was my first mammogram so even though I had heard stories I was still unsure of what to expect. I had always heard how it hurt, etc, etc. But that's it. Well, let me fill you in. No one ever mentioned the stickers to me. Yes, you get pretty little flowered stickers. And let me tell you, it takes a talented technician to keep the awkward vibes down when there you are standing in front of her naked from the waist up while she decorates your bosoms with flower stickers. So from there you stand at this machine and she positions you and repositions you to make sure you are just so. Once again, major awkward factor as she pulls and tugs. There's r…