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Showing posts from January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful time through the holidays. We suffered with a terrible stomach virus the week leading up to Christmas and The GuitarMan finally caught it during the night Christmas Eve. The rest of us were still recovering from it at that point so our Christmas dinner was a little scant.
I decided to make up for it yesterday! We had the usual black eye peas but this year I decided to forgo the collard greens. This is really unheard of in the South but I just didn't think I could face a big pot of leftover greens to deal with. Supposedly you need the greens for money the following year. Well, it's never worked up until now so maybe doing the reverse will work for us, we'll see lol!
I also cooked a ham with macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and big pot of jambalaya. For dessert, brownies! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
But the one that really tickled me was Cornbread. He is by far my pickiest eater. Cheerios, banana, toast, cheese pizza, chips or toddle…