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Showing posts from June 6, 2009

I'm So Happy!

I have my internet back! It's been down for a while now. I think the rain is getting in on our phone line and causing problems. I feel like I haven't seen some of my good friends in a while! Isn't that funny how when you blog or read other people's blogs you feel like you know them?

I was contemplating on this "bloggin thang" and there are some cool pros and cons. Obviously the cons aren't so cool and would probably be the weirdos or the trolls who like to stir things up. That is why I prefer to use nicknames for us and retain a level of anonymity.

But I think the pros far outweigh the cons. I have learned so much. I love to read blogs from like-minded women who might be in the same place in life. Striving each day to grow in Christ, raising a family, seeking to bless their husband and children. Maybe they are also home schooling. Maybe they are also a pastor's wife. Sometimes it's not that you have anything in common but that's the point. That …