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Showing posts from November 3, 2009

Are You Listening to Him?

Are you ready to accomplish something for God? It requires staying in the center of His will. Are you really ready for that? I mean, are you truly willing to seek it and then live it?
What if it meant leaving behind everything including most of your friends and family, Abraham style? Recently I have found out that several of my friends have done this. They are anywhere from Alaska to West Africa. Wow, talk about commitment!
And many in the Bible belt are doing good to just make it to a church service or Bible study!
What if it meant you had to get radical?
What if God told you that you were too comfortable? It's easy to think about serving Him if there is something in it for you. But what if hurts, disappointments, and trials were part of the package? And you had to keep on anyway.
What if it wasn't as easy as attending a Sunday school class or singing in the choir? Or just sitting through a sermon?
What if He wanted more?
Guess what...He does.