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Showing posts from May 20, 2009

Blessed to be Busy

It's a busy day I have planned today so I thought I would hop on for a quick post while things are relatively quiet. I've only had 3 interruptions since I got online! I posted Sunday but afterwards we had a scare. Just before time to go back to church our dog, Rosie, was bitten on the nose by a snake. Her head swelled to a huge proportion! Poor thing, her nose even split a little at the site of the bite due to the swelling. But she ate and played normally, happy as a lark. By the next day the swelling was greatly reduced and the split was even beginning to heal. Now she just has a little lump at the site with a small white line across it. The FisherMan said he had always heard if a dog has dewclaws that they are more resistant to snakebite. The old wives tales can sometimes be just that, tales. But there are some that have an element of truth to them. How about you? Have you ever heard that one?

Yesterday Cornbread had his one year checkup. He was a stout little guy with wide s…