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Waiting Room Prayers

I realized I haven't updated on all the orthopaedic issues around here LOL. I am off crutches now which is a big help. I still have a limp and have to be very careful how I step down or turn. My foot is bruised and I have pain. But, still, it is better than what it was. I pray that it will continue to improve each day.
The GuitarMan went back to the doctor Monday, again Tuesday, and again today. Monday he was x-rayed and examined to see if they could remove the pins. Doc thought it best to leave them in another week but he was concerned that stiffness might set in. So they went ahead Monday and sawed the cast. Then they wrapped it until the next day. When he came back the next day they removed it and fitted him with a custom brace. They gave him exercises to be done 6 times a day. Today he went back and saw the physical therapist to begin therapy. Hopefully he will have the pins removed next Tuesday.
We basically had church today in the waiting room. We met a man named Tex who was …