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Showing posts from January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

The GuitarMan went back to college today. *sigh* He'll be back Saturday though. He is just going to get everything moved back into his dorm room and make sure he is set to go Monday. Little LadyBug seems to be taking it particularly hard. She is such a sensitive soul anyway. The little ones simply adore their brother. He would probably find it hard to believe how quiet it is here without him!

He had not registered or packed yet. So I helped him get his schedule corrected and register. Then he packed and got ready to head out. We went over to a nearby town and had an early supper with him before he left. It was really nice to spend time together. We play a game of clues a lot of times when we are gathered around the table. You'd be surprised how everyone gets in on it and just how challenging and competitive it gets. Last week The FisherMan called our oldest down in Daytona because I had him stumped. (I gave him the option of phoning a friend!) Here are the clues he eventually w…