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Showing posts from November 12, 2009

Still here....

I haven't been around much this, thanks to Ida we had lots of rain here and it always interferes with internet service....two, I've had some projects going to keep me busy.
We did some painting and some rearranging...the girls to a larger bedroom (they were busting at the seams!) and Cornbread to their old bedroom (perfect for a toddler...I can't believe LadyBug wasn't much older than him when we moved here!). Their room was a nice girly PINK so we had to change that to a more masculine tan.
I had no idea they had so much stuff! No wonder it was such a nightmare to keep their room neat! I still have to go through all the toys and clothes to get them organized and find an easy suitable way to store them. Any ideas for Barbie dolls and their accessories? (it just occurred to me that these days the aim seems to be to make the toys as realistic as possible but this is ridiculous! I swear the barbies and baby dolls seem to be somehow reproducing!) You know how …