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Just Chattin

I updated the private blog. :)

With everything going on this week, I did not mention it but someone killed a huge rattlesnake out front this week! We had just been out there two hours before with Cornbread in the the stroller and the girls on bikes. We noticed someone stopped right at the edge of our yard and got out. They were getting a crowbar to kill it. It had crawled from our side over into the churchyard, just a few feet from our mailbox. If you are a wildlife lover, sorry if it offends you. But this was a large, dangerous snake. Anyone who frequents this road knows little ones live here, so I always appreciate them killing the snakes when they spot them. There have been quite a few killed right out front since we have lived here. Oooh, just gives me shivers to think of it! Another reason I miss having Rosie!