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Showing posts from March 2, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi, all. Goodness what a day! I had texted the GuitarMan earlier on and he surprised me when he called me back a few minutes later. I say surprised because today is a busy day for him.

Well, he managed to croak out that he was sick. He has been sick for a couple of weeks with a cold which settled in his chest but Stubborn would not go to the doctor. (He calls me that, too, by the way...guess he gets it honest!) At first I thought he meant that was worse.

Anyway it only took a minute to realize that he was in the throes of a migraine. Any of you who suffer with them knows how he feels. He went to bed late but woke up a short time later with a sick stomach. He still managed to make it to 8:00 class though only to find it canceled. So he headed back to his dorm to do a little guitar practice but found he just could not hold out. The migraine hit him full force at that point and he was out. When we got to the college he was at the worst point. Slurred speech, mixed up words, could not take…