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Showing posts from October 20, 2009


Well, we have reached a few milestones around here and I thought I would catch everyone up. First.....The GuitarMan got the pins out today! Yes! Still in the custom brace, still healing, but no pins to contend with now. Therapy still for a while. However the therapist mentioned if his range of motion continues to improve, he may be able to cut it back to once a week.
He and Z had a concert Sunday night at a church over in the next county. It was pretty freaky to see him play with the pins. But the thing that took the cake was on the last song when he went all out and put the electric guitar behind his head and played it! There were some pictures made at the concert. His doctor is hoping there might be a good shot of him playing that shows his pins. He wants to use it when he does seminars and presentations!
Second.....In other news, I am officially hip now. Well, probably not since I just used the term hip but anyway...up to I'm on Facebook now. The only t…