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Showing posts from March 17, 2009

Dream Big

Conversation overheard as we were walking into a department store today:

FlowerChild: Daddy, you see all those clouds up there?
Daddy: Yeah, baby, I see them.
FlowerChild: Wouldn't it be fun if one day we could have a picnic in the clouds all of us together?
Daddy: Yes, it would, darlin, yes it would.

I'll leave it up to your mind to wander a bit and explore the deeper implications of this little tidbit. A few hints to get you going.

*The earthly father/child relationship, although not perfect, gives a picture of our relationship with our heavenly father. *As a child, trusting that you can tell your father anything, even the silliest of dreams. *Why exactly do our adult hopes and dreams usually have something materialistic about them?
*One day those of us who love our Lord, Jesus Christ and belong to him will meet in the clouds.
*And we will have a feast waiting. With lots of time, an eternity, for picnics, all of us together.

"Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive th…