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Showing posts from August 4, 2009

My Day Today

Oh, my goodness. Why is it that anytime you teach a lesson on something, (or your husband preaches on something ~wink~), or in this case you BLOG on always, always comes back to you? I knew it was coming this week because God had laid some things on my heart for Bible study Sunday, then I blogged about Brand Name Christianity and protecting our witness. Oh, yeah. My talk was bound to be tested! (Oh, me, hopefully I passed!)
It's like the lady at our church who told me this past Sunday, "I keep praying to God for patience but I still don't have any!" I said, "Well, there's your whole problem! You're asking for it so He keeps giving you situations where it is required!"
Ha, ha I want patience God and I want it now! :)
This time it was me that was being watched as I handled waiting and tired children..... That were slightly cranky..... Well, grumpy really. Oh, let's be real here. They had lost their minds and were trying to take mine…