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Showing posts from August 14, 2011

Lazy Day

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon. My girls are watching Pollyanna. The little guy is playing with his Buzz Lightyear behind my chair. Every so often you hear a little cry of "NOT today!!" He calls out all the little Toy Story quotes as he plays LOL.

When I dropped him off at his SS class he cried and clung to me. This was highly unusual for him. His teacher said he cried for quite a while. When I picked him up after church we had church conference (some call it business meeting). It wasn't very long yet he almost fell asleep. I noticed he was scratching and when I lifted his shirt he was all broken out in a rash. Since we've been home he obviously doesn't feel so great but he isn't running any fever. I am wondering if it could possibly be a light case of chicken pox. He has had his immunizations. I suppose time will tell. Just in case, I think I am going to stay home from church with him tonight. He won't be happy about that. We usually go out to eat wit…