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Showing posts from August 20, 2009

Slow Blogging, Busy Life

It's been a slow week for blogging around here. It's been all I could do to just keep up at home LOL! Between homeschooling, sick little one, doctor visit, and just normal keeping the home duties I have been on the go. Oh, and throw in a bushel of peas that needed to be shelled and put up, whew!
With the homeschooling, well we just dive in each day and try to accomplish as much as possible. Right now we are still getting in the groove of completing seatwork and creating a routine. But I hope to start adding in some extra fun activities to enhance their learning opportunities. It's going well and it's pretty neat to see the younger ones absorbing what the older ones do. For instance, you haven't seen cute until you see a 15 month old stop what he is doing and come stand with his hand over his heart as the pledge of allegiance is done!
Speaking of Cornbread he is still improving. He is still not himself but he is better. The rash has faded this morning. He is drinking…