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Showing posts from July 6, 2009

Another Milestone

My babies are growing up! Today my girls both did something that makes them look more grown up. FlowerChild went first but LadyBug did not want to do it. Later on though, once she saw that her sister had made it through, she decided to go for it.

They both had their ears pierced! FlowerChild chose large, sparkly pink studs. LadyBug chose little, dainty green studs. They both needed Mama to hold their hand but neither one cried. They look so pretty!

Tomorrow we will count 6 weeks out on the calendar so they can see when these earrings can come out. They are already looking at the earring selection to see what they want next!

Nice Fourth

What a nice holiday weekend. We had a good turnout Saturday night for the cottage prayer meeting. After the devotional and prayer time we ate grilled hot dogs and hamburgers The FisherMan had cooked along with the yummy sides everyone brought. It was followed by some sinfully delicious desserts!

Eventually everyone drifted to the backyard where the children played in the pool. They had a blast! The resident dog-thats-not-our-dog-but-lives-here-anyway was in hog heaven with so many people to give him a little attention. When the men all headed over to the church to put up a sign for VBS Cornbread thought he was supposed to go, too! He toddled around and finally settled down on the floor of the gazebo with a pot, a mixing bowl and spoon and some dirt and there he played happily. As the children began to grow tired folks began to leave until we were left with 3 tired little ones of our own. They were asleep in no time.

The GuitarMan was at the beach for the fireworks display. We didn't…