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Showing posts from July 14, 2009

Making It Through the Day

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, concentrated orange juice, sodium benzoate and edta (to protect taste), caffeine, potassium citrate, yellow 5, carob bean gum.

Or better known as Vault.

This is what this tired mom is reduced to. Grabbing a can of Vault to try to jumpstart through the day. I'd really love a nap. (I'm still waiting on that Vault to kick in)

Yes, I know that if I got the proper amount of rest and nutrition I wouldn't feel so tired. I know that a burst of caffeine will only make me feel worse later when it wears off. But maybe I won't be so sleepy by then. :)

Have you ever noticed that your house gets the messiest when you aren't home? Why is that?

VBS is Here!

Well, we got the first and the hardest day of VBS completed! Yeah! I ran, ran, ran all day long. We were awakened by a monsoon yesterday morning. Oh, it poured!! We had tents set up outside the church for VBS snacktime. They weren't up all the way and were laying flat on the ground. So when the rain let up The FisherMan headed over there to get them up (all by himself - what a job!). He finally came back, soaked and muddy, but victorious having conquered the waterlogged tents. He said it was like trying to raise a waterbed mattress by himself.

While he was gone I got dressed, got the children ready and fed them. When he got home and cleaned up we headed out to do our weekly errands. We had to go to the big city and meet up with The GuitarMan. He's not here this week since his church is having VBS too. More about that later! We ate lunch with him and some friends then we went to Wal-Mart. Got groceries and raced home, put away the cold stuff, and raced to the church. I still nee…