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Showing posts from February 26, 2009

Children and Sports

Oh my what a day! Busy, busy around the homefront. Then we sat at a COLD soccer field. It was late practice so they finished at the children's BEDTIME. But it is only for a few weeks and the FlowerChild enjoys it so much. I can't complain when I see that big smile. She never complains or grumbles. It makes her so happy to play.

I have to wonder about some parents. Now forgive me if you happen to be this way. I promise I do not mean this to be insulting. I just honestly do not understand. When The GuitarMan was coming up he started playing sports at 5 years old because he wanted to. Then he participated only if it was something he was interested in. As far as I remember that is how it was with all the other children. He played baseball, basketball, and golf and dabbled in some church league soccer just for fun.

But it seems different these days. I have heard so many parents say the same thing since The FlowerChild started playing. I will say something about how she has always wan…

Why Do I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me?

Remember that song? I'm giving away my age! LOL Anyone catch Fox News this morning? They did a piece on digital technology and how it is being used to profile and gather information. Those digital billboards that look so cool? Many of them are equipped with cameras. As you watch the ad, YOU are being watched! You are instantly profiled...age range, male or female, how long does the ad hold your attention. Sound harmless? Comcast Cable already has a patent to place this technology inside their cable boxes which of course, are placed inside your home. Technology is in place to use the cameras and microphones inside your computer for the same purposes...well, just those purposes for now anyway. Whoever is on the other end will have access to seeing who is in your home and hearing the background noise going on. Hmmm, I wonder why the government cares so much that every home acquires a digital converter box to the point of spending millions so we can all get coupons. Naaaah, I'm su…